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“The Roundup” By Joan Kosel

The inspiration for this piece is based on our herd of horses. The area where the horses feed does not have access to water, so every morning they are herded a 1/4 mile to the corral for water and to spend their day. In the evening they are driven back. Most often it’s my brother John who tends to it. He swings up on his paint mare and “Heads em’ out”. It looks to be the horse’s favorite time of day and each one takes off at a gallop, bucking and kicking according to each one’s mood and character. Their feeling and attitude is what I tried to capture in this piece. I used different types of hardwoods and applied stain and paint or just used the natural color of the wood to depict each horse.

-Joan Kosel-

~Joan will be one of the Signature Artists in Red Lodge, Mt, at "Art in the Beartooths" next July along with well known local artist John Potter and Dale Marie Muller.~

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